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Emotional reset process

Understanding your Minds...yes minds

The process we use is a simple, safe state of relaxation, which moves you out of the fast brainwaves of the awake state of Beta, and moves you into a slower, more relaxed brainwave state of Alpha or Theta, where a state of enhanced awareness and insights are naturally available. 

​As we interact through this process together, this is what you need to know.

  • Calm Concentration: Throughout the session will move easily into a a relaxed, focused state of calm concentration, where you will have access to imagery, sensory information and creativity, as your memory and the resourceful of mind are accessed.

  • In Control: You are always in control of the process, we are mearly guiding you. You can ask questions throughout, we will be talking through the process.

Emotional reset process
  • Entirely Safe: Throughout the session you will always be perfectly safe. At any time you can simply open your eyes and return to your normal conscious state. You will not have to relive or discuss painful memories or traumatic experiences, we will keep you removed from these so that you will not be retraumatised through the healing process.

  • Reviewing what is held inside: The memories and thoughts you discover through the process have been there within your subconscious/unconscious mind, they have just not accessible to your conscious awareness. This process allows you to review what is residing in there and if they are true or not, if you want to keep them or not, or if they need to be reviewed or replaced with a more accurate, adult-brain memories or decision.

  • Programs created by you when you were 0-7 years old: Many of the beliefs and programming we have within us was made by us as we endeavored to interpret the environment, events and relationships around us between conception and seven years old. Throughout life there is little opportunity to review our programming from an adult perspective. While a three year old child may believe they are responsible for their parent’s fight, your adult observation of the same experience may bring different insights. This process gives you the opportunity to review peak events in your early life, and edit the memory from an adult’s perspective. Your inner child will welcome this support, care and love that you can now give.

  • All unresolved memories are stored within the physical body: this has an unshakable effect on how your body functions, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Unblocking the body’s energy flow where old wounds and emotional trauma is stored, can do wonders for your energy levels, general health and healing process. For example, when a person has their gallbladder removed after holding onto deep resentment from the past for years and years, removal of the organ will not resolve the emotions that need to be resolved. Rather the holding pattern just moves to the next vulnerable place in the body where it continues to disturb function and block flow. The emotions need to be resolved to be truly free of their functional effects.

  • Awareness Heals: By remembering decisions you have made as a result of unresolved trauma, experiences or events from your past, associated symptoms tend to clear up simply by becoming aware of what is at play. Allowing your conscious mind to see things for what the are, not hidden by shadow and illusion, can remove all the fear and unknown factors that tend to lead to anxiety, grief, shame, guilt and regret. This awareness releases related energy blocks within the body.

  • Thoughts are innocuous: through a focused, relaxed, concentration state you will be observing insights and imprints from the past, present or future, as through the mind you have access to things beyond time. Nothing in your own mind can ever harm you, thoughts may seem real, but they are intangible, believe them or not, they are not real.

  • Symbology: The language of the unconscious mind is symbolic, imaginative, metaphorical and symbolic – whatever comes up, in whatever form, it is relevant. Seeing a shape of a specific colour, moving in a particular way, with a certain texture, sound and feeling associated has meaning, and just bringing awareness to it can evoke the deepest, most life changing healing. While you are participating in this process allow your creative senses to be free, don’t think, edit or analyse, just witness, experience and allow. See what comes to you. Your healing will arise on its own, your body is always, always on your side, and always has your safety and best interests at heart. Trust it, go with it, and give your intuitive self the space to express.

  • You can't get it wrong: Remember, all you have to do is relax, allow, observe and see what comes to you, in whatever form it comes. The only thing that will inhibit your experience is the left-brain analytical mind. If you find yourself thinking “this is silly” or “that can’t be right”, let it go, you don’t have to try, don’t have to think, can’t get it wrong. Allow your creative mind, your imagination, your innate aspect, it is the wisest part of you. Simply open to your inner sight, experiencing your way through the process with a sense of curiosity.

  • Completed issues just feel neutral: At the end of your session you will feel calm, peaceful and generally neutral. This characterises a completed process. Sometimes a process will be like the peeling back of onion-like layers, and it may take two or three sessions to really get to the core of the issue. Continue your sessions until you have reached this feeling of completion.

  • Processing Time: After your sessions you will feel tired as your unconscious mind integrates the changes and insights gathered through the session. This integration will take between one and four weeks. Make a note of what you notice during this time but don’t hang on to anything. Some things will be just passing through, let it go. Drink plenty of purified water, avoid alcohol, sugar, drugs and toxic environments. Eat clean, nourishing foods based on lots of vegetables, beneficial fats, raw nuts, seeds and proteins.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that no-one can heal you but you - and isn't it wonderful to know that you have within you the most powerful healer within you. It is innate, you were born with it. We are helping to connect you with it.

A minimum of three sessions is important.

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