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Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

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NST is a powerful multidimensional technique, which has been specifically developed for the ongoing dynamic integration of the structure and viscera via stimulation of the central, peripheral autonomic nervous systems. The main objective is to remove pain and dysfunctional physiological conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body.


In essence NST provides the body with an opportunity to reintegrate on many levels, and thus return to and maintain normal homeostatic limits on a daily basis.

Wouldn't you like to have your muscle aches and pain melt away with a soft touch that uses no deep or painful actions?

NST is so soft and gentle that most people are skeptical that a touch so gentle can actually do anything. But it is smart touch at strategic place that can trigger your body to  undergo dramatic shifts in a very short time.

NST uses a series of gentle moves on specific muscles or at precise points on the body to create an energy flow and vibrations between these points. This allows your body to communicate better with itself and balance the other tissues, muscles and organs.

The method of action is likely through the autonomic nervous system, allowing the body to better carry out its many functions the way it was designed to.

NST is done with a light touch and can be done through clothing. There are pauses between sets of moves to allow the body to assimilate the energy, information and signals. The philosophy is that the body is a self regulating bioenergetic and biomechanical phenomena which will continue to regulate itself for as long as it has the reserve energy necessary to sustain life, by the ongoing process of biological adaptation.

When given the right stimulus at the right time, the body regulates itself, returning to balance when the appropriate neurological and neuromuscular context is created to enable it.  There is a particular cycle in the body which must be free to operate unimpeded if the individual is to enjoy good health and vitality. This cycle is perceptible at an energetic level, coming into the physical body at balance points, namely the sacrum, coccyx, cranium, Temporomandibular Joint complex and the dural membrane, which connects them to make the body into a dynamic, integrated, functional unit.

Releasing neuromuscular imbalances throughout the body, releases the proper flow of energy in the body, allowing the vital force to harmonise the health of the whole body.  If all muscular imbalances can be released, the body would more efficiently self-regulate, and pain and symptoms would vanish as energy levels return to harmony.

This technique activates the automatic nervous system to stimulate this reintegration.  When stimulated in a very particular way, the intelligence of the body is alerted and the unravelling of neuromuscular compensations would begin. Depending on the extent of compensation in the body, this unravelling process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 7 days, at which time the body would move into the next holding pattern until the next balance moved the organism forward toward complete balance. Another session carried out at this point restarts the next unravelling process, if appropriate.

In clinical practice on average it is common to receive reports from clients who experience an unravelling process over 2 -- 4 days. There is often a very similar pattern experienced with body aches which move from one location to another (e.g. shoulder to knee), some sweating, emotional release, but overarching is a very deep sense of relaxation and change taking place. In addition, many clients report noticing their symptoms leaving in the reverse order to which they occurred.

What to expect during your session

The actual application of the technique is interesting in itself, as it is distinctly different from any other technique attempting to achieve the same goal. In the first instance, a three part integrated body balance is applied which is partly performed with the client in a prone position and then finished with the client in the supine position.


The work generally begins with the client lying face down on the table, as the practitioner works around the lumbar area, moving upper back, before returning to the legs and sacrum. There are a few resting periods between the various sequences of ‘moves’, which are carried out before moving the client into a supine position. When the client turns over, additional releases are applied to the diaphragm, neck and knees -- this also takes another 10 -- 15 minutes to complete. Other optional procedures may be blended into this integrated body balance to add specificity or release when necessary. There are optional procedures for the shoulders, elbows and wrists, pelvis, ankles, coccyx and TMJ complex.

The integrated balance technique, is applied to areas where proprioreceptors (spindle cells and Golgi tendon organs of the muscles) abound. However, it is not just single stimulation of these points which elicits such a comprehensive and powerful response in each individual -- rather it is the configuration in which the moves are carried out.  Consequently the integrated balance once applied synthesises an orchestrated response involving alpha and gamma motor neurones, various spinal reflex arcs, the motor cortex of the cerebrum, the basal ganglia and the cerebellum.

It is reasonable to state that the Neurostructural Integration Technique® once applied creates a powerful context for change to take place in the musculoskeletal and visceral systems via what can only be described as a specific decoding of the nervous system and a comprehensive resetting of the body.

Once the session is over the client is given aftercare recommendations which basically reminds them that their body will go through a process of re-organisation for a few days and to take it easy during this time by doing nothing too physically strenuous. The client is also advised to keep up daily walking and sufficient intake of water to help flush the lymphatic system and assist the musculature to return quickly to stable balance.

Although to the client the session seems simple, noninvasive and gentle, the results are nonetheless surprising and sometimes miraculous. While this is the case for the client, the practitioner comes to expect these wonderful results, as dependability is one of the key characteristics of the NST technique.

Typically clients will require only 2 -- 3 sessions for their health problems to be eased and in many cases, resolved. Additional sessions may be required for those with chronic health problems, or those requiring oter physiological and/or nutritional support.

NST is a a process that enables the body to better regulate itself, and out of this process, many symptoms tend to disappear. That is to say that the symptoms in the first place were simply the result of the blockage or imbalance existing in the body.


NST is synonymous with contextual healing -- a lost art which is now having a resurgence and gaining both popularity with practitioners and clients alike. Another well-known example of a contextual healing approach is homoeopathy. Interestingly many individuals have dubbed NST as tactile homeopathy!

The following list of symptoms tend to clear in response to an NST session:

  • acute and chronic pain

  • headaches

  • menstrual problems

  • back pain

  • migraines

  • prostate problems

  • neck pain

  • sinusitis

  • visual problems

  • shoulder pain

  • bowel inflammation and tension

  • learning disorders

  • leg pain

  • constipation

  • emotional depression

  • facial pain

  • urinary disorders

  • digestive problems

  • infertility


While the above conditions are the most classical there are many other disorders which generally respond favourably to treatment as well. Such as :

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Fibromyalgia

  • TMJ Syndrome

  • Herniated Disks

  • Seizures


From an article by Micheal Nixon Levy (Developer of NST) -

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