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Somatic Connection, Insight & Release

These sessions offer a serene journey of self-exploration, where you're invited to notice what your body is expressing, and release the drivers of illness. When we let go of all that we no longer want to carry within us, what is underneath is a profoundly connected and inspired energy that enables us to understand what we need to do next.

All your answers are within you, you just have tune your dial to the right frequency, and all can be revealed. 


Doing this work has brought a transformative experience to many clients, helping them release painful physical and emotional holding patterns in their body, allowing the release emotional burdens, as they are guided toward internal resources, powerful insights and a renewed clarity and freedom.

These sessions bring a much needed sanctuary to people, where they can rediscover their inner world and innate sense of strength, resilience, and wisdom, supporting a more aligned state from which to navigate life's complexities.

Whatever you're struggling with, this work can make everything easier. 

Case study

In 2023 I saw 26 year old Pia who was experiencing severe pain behind her shoulder, with pain sitting at a 7-9 /10, resistant to musculoskeletal therapies including physio, chiropractic, and massage, and ongoing for 1.5 years. As we went into the session to explore it somatically, she became vividly aware of an argument she had had with her sister two years ago, and as we moved deeper, she became of a similar emotion that came in at three. Opening to the process, Pia brought her full awareness to the holding patterns in her body, discovering to her surprise that her shoulder pain had eased substantially as she did so. By the end of the session it was a 2/10. One week later it was a zero. At her three and six month check-ins she reported that the pain was completely gone. She was amazed, not even thinking that the pain could be related to unresolved emotions. 

Working at the causative level

Designed to guide you through a safe journey into the underlying causes of physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, behaviours, habits, addictions, illnesses, and states of anxiety and depression, this work brings clarity and awareness to what is holding you back. Through this trauma-informed process, healing and personal growth from a centered space of wholeness is discovered. 

Sessions help people unblock the holding pattern in their biology that keeps them stuck in a pattern that does not suit anymore. It helps to create resourceful change in thought and behavior that is inspired from within.


Monica’s sessions always bring a holistic perspective and approach to healing and personal transformation as people discover their own path to healing, naturally.

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Hummingbird Method

Sesssions draw from a range of therapeutic processes, brought together in an aligned way to connect with what you need right now as you expand forward on your path. Some of these process may include: 

The Hummingbird Method 

The Hummingbird effect is a concept that highlights the interconnectedness of various domains and the potential for unexpected and transformative changes as a result.


The Hummingbird Method is a process developed by Alistair Horscroft of the Mind Academy, to harnesses this principle to facilitate personal growth and positive change. 


Guiding individuals through a journey of resolution, connection, and clarity, the Hummingbird process helps to release blocks, overcome challenges, and restore a state of flow and inspiration in life. It taps into the power of the unconscious mind, enabling the integration of fragmented pieces and paving the way for effortless and meaningful transformation.


Through this process, individuals can experience a profound shift towards grace, magic, and an enhanced sense of well-being.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a big clinical word that simply refers to the engagement of a deeply relaxed state from which you have greater access to the instrinic connection between your conscious mind (governed by the critical mind in the frontal cortex) and the more aware aspects of you, you subconscious / unconscious aspect. This work is far more enjoyable and refreshing to experience than most talk therapies, and can offer an alternative to achieve results when more mainstream therapies have not worked.

Monica uses this brilliant tool from a holistic, Naturopathic foundation, where we want to explore all parts of an issue with physical, mental, biochemical and emotional health, as it offers a more efficient and sustainable healing process. 

Your Two Minds 

The conscious and unconscious are really just shorthand terms to describe the two main aspects of the human mind. 

  1. The Conscious Mind is where we tend to "live" - the aspect you might think of as "you". It is driving by the analytical mind, the part you are aware of.  If there's a little voice reading these words in your head, that' is part of your conscious mind. 

  2. The Unconscious Mind (UCM) is everything else. 

The unconscious controls all of the automatic (autonomic) processes that you don't have to think about - the beating of your heart, the regulation of your blood pressure, the breathing of your lungs, tissue growth and repair, cell regeneration, immune function and so on.  It is also where our past history, our thoughts, memories, expectations and accumulated experiences reside. The unconscious mind controls our emotions, behaviours, habits, resources and our responses to the world.  In many ways, the It is the true creator of the world we live in. The unconscious mind handles about two million bits of sensory information every single second. The conscious mind deals with only about seven. 

To cope with this overwhelming amount of sensory information, the unconscious mind deletes and generalises any and all information not relevant to your current conscious focus.  You have lived your life being aware of an incredible amount of information through your unconscious mind – everything is stored in there – your past, your environment, you thoughts, your experiences – and Hypnosis can help you access this information.

This means that the reality you're actually aware of from moment to moment has been brought to your conscious attention by the unconscious, down-regulation of information to fit within the seven bit capacity of your conscious mind, feeding you only that which it thinks are important our of the two million bits of information it's just processed.

The Conscious Mind is the Critical and Analytical part of you

It is constantly making value judgments. If somebody was to say to you "you really should stop doing that”, you're likely to come up with a dozen, rational sounding reasons as to why you should carry on doing it, why you’re right doing it, or you might tell them to bug off and mind their own business.  Even if you do consciously accept that you should give up doing it, it's not the conscious part of the mind that's keeping the habit in place.

Hypnosis works by bypassing the critical faculty of your conscious mind by engaging a state of focused relaxation, and works directly with the unconscious mind, where a vast library of untapped resources is available. 

The Subconscious / Unconscious mind is the Library, your Life's Memory, your Programming

It stores everything that has ever happened, everything you have ever seen, experienced, learnt and absorbed is retained here. It can be likened to a vast warehouse library with millions of books that contain your history, all of your memories, thoughts and all the information you have deleted, downsized and edited to fit the conscious mind’s small capacity for things. 


Accessing the unconscious mind is like walking through this vast library with the lights off, and all you have is tiny torch to shine your light on what you are looking at. The area illuminated by the light is the capacity of your conscious mind.  You literally have no idea you are inside of this vast library which carries all the information and useful insights that you could ever need, you don't even know you have access to it, you simply have to call upon it and take the time to go there. (Which is what we are doing together.)

Most of the problems we think we have are due to things that we've learned and retained at an unconscious level. They are things we have learned how to do in an unhelpful way, or we wouldn't have a problem.  Difficulties are often the result of us attempting to find a solution for a current situation. This is true even for such apparently self-destructive habits such as smoking, alcohol or sugar addiction. Through sheer repetition, the unconscious mind becomes convinced that certain behaviours or habits are helpful in some way.

In this case, unlearning unhelpful behaviours and replacing them with more useful ways can transform a situation or issue within the space of a few hours, depending on how entrenched the behaviour is. This process works by accessing the vast information held within the unconscious mind, looking at what is happening and why, and then selecting a preferred way of doing things. It evaluates and assesses the way the brain and nervous system stores and records information pertaining to an issue, and changing the way the mind is relating to it. By re-integrating memories and processes, the conscious mind can have access to more useful behaviours, insights, and knowledge, which translates into more useful behaviours.

This process is designed to help you gain insight and clarity to help you move forward more consciously.

For many people with physical ailments, this work can bring insight and resolution of their physical or emotional symptoms, enabling the body to better heal and restore itself.  Since the unconscious mind controls our automatic (autonomic) bodily processes, physical changes can be achieved by working with the mind in this way.

Working through a relaxed Alpha and Theta brainwave we are able to converse directly with the unconscious mind, the seat of our programming, issues, behaviours, obsessions, pains and problems. When we work on this level we also have access to your deepest and most appropriate solutions as well. You are the healer, we simply facilitate the process of connecting you with the healer within.

People are not broken, hence don't need to be fixed.

All that happens as we move this story of our lives, is we need an update to our software operating system is required so we may adapt to what is needed and move on from the things blocking us.  By finding and applying more appropriate resources, we find more useful ways of being and behaving, ways that bring more favourable results and outcomes to your life experience.   Ultimately, if you had conscious access to these inherent resources in the first place, you would have been able to solve the problem consciously by thinking about it or by knowing what you needed to be doing, and you wouldn't be experiencing discomfort now.  Discomfort in this context is just a call to do things differently.  Through solving issues at the level where the problem actually exists, at the level of your unconscious mind, this work can help you make lasting changes that will resolve issues now and into the future, should the circumstances arise again.

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