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What does the research say about FSM?

Here are a few of the many, many studies out there. 

There is more research coming through now on microcurrent in the health field. One such collective paper titled

'Observational Study to Assesses the Efficacy and Safety of Microcurrent Therapy with a Portable Device in Patients Suffering from Chronic Back Pain, Skeletal System Pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraine or Depression' (Peter Marmann 1 and Werner Wiatrek 2 - Med Devices (Auckl). 2023; 16: 261–280.), bring together several theories that  have been proposed to explain how microcurrent therapy may exert its therapeutic effects on the organism.


This is an excerpt on proposed mechanism of function from this paper: 

  • ATP Production: Microcurrent therapy may enhance the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within the cells. ATP is the energy currency of the body, and increased ATP levels can promote cellular metabolism and facilitate tissue repair processes.

  • Cellular Communication and Signaling: Microcurrents applied to the body may stimulate cell-to-cell communication and enhance intercellular signaling. This can influence various physiological processes, including pain modulation, inflammation reduction and tissue regeneration.

  • Electrochemical Effects: The electrical currents delivered during microcurrent therapy can alter the electrochemical environment in the tissues. This can affect ion exchange, pH levels and cell membrane potential, leading to changes in cellular activity and function.

  • Blood Flow and Circulation: Microcurrent therapy has been suggested to enhance blood flow and microcirculation in the treated area. Improved circulation can promote the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and immune cells to the tissues, supporting healing and reducing inflammation.

  • Neurological Effects: Microcurrents may have direct effects on the nervous system, influencing nerve conduction, reducing pain signals and promoting neuromuscular function. This can be beneficial in pain management and muscle rehabilitation.

  • Modulation of Cellular Processes: Microcurrent therapy may modulate various cellular processes, such as protein synthesis, gene expression and enzymatic activity. These effects can contribute to tissue repair, regeneration and modulation of inflammatory responses.


They stipulate in this study that it is important to note that the exact mode of action may vary depending on the specific condition being treated and the parameters of the microcurrent therapy applied, such as frequency, waveform and intensity. Additionally, different mechanisms may work synergistically to produce the therapeutic effects observed in microcurrent therapy. Several microcurrent devices ... have successfully been used in clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of microcurrent therapies for different indications:

  • Pain Management: Numerous studies have investigated the use of microcurrent therapy for pain management.18–57 Research has shown positive results in various conditions, such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, skeletal system pain and postoperative pain.

  • Anxiety and Depression: Microcurrent therapy has been studied as a non-invasive treatment option for anxiety and depression. Clinical trials have demonstrated benefits in reducing symptoms and improving overall mood.

  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders: Some research has explored the use of microcurrent therapy for sleep disorders and insomnia. Studies have shown improvements in sleep quality and duration.


To me though, having a tool that can reach into the body with a gentle microcurrent frequency that is actually speaking a frequency language that the body understands and responds to within seconds, is just so inspiring. It enables me to tailor treatment to the specific needs of my client, to be able to tune in to the body as together we discover the causative layer, at which point the body's tissues and holding patterns just dissolve into a relaxed state of smooshy softness. The time following the sessions is when the body appears to adapt and respond to the stimulus, as dysfunctional signally seems to correct itself, and healing appears to me, to become a more efficient process.   

This work may be beneficial in the holistic management of (for example):

Neurological symptoms

- pain, neuralgia, fibromyalgia 

- neuropathic pain syndromes (Study -

- Parkinson's, neurological issues

- Pain syndromes (Study -

- Neural adhesions causing chronic pain (Case report - post surgical -

Endocrine System

- thyroid swelling, hashimotos, recovery support

- hormonal issues 

Women's Health

- birth trauma, post birth abdominal damage, tears

- endometriosis

- painful periods

- heavy menstruation

- abdominal adhesions (Study -


Post Surgical Support

- scarring, adhesions

- pain, swelling, wound healing

- phantom limb pain

- regional pain syndrome


Skin Conditions

- eczema, psoriasis, itching, hives

- 3rd degree burn scarring

- shingles 

Musculoskeletal System

- musculoskeletal discomfort, trigger points, twists, spinal conditions

- post-stroke recovery (best if treatment can start as soon as possible)

- bone breaks, fractures, shin splints, osteoporosis

- neck and back pain (Study -

- post surgical adhesions

- post-concussion syndrome, chronic concussion issues

- post traumatic recovery (eg: car accidents, injuries)

- trigger points that won't resolve

- tight hamstrings that won't respond to other therapies

General System Conditions

- ovarian cysts, fibroids, 

- breathing difficulties, asthma

- connective tissue disorders, EDS, Marfans

- fertility support

- macular degeneration (Study -

Mental Health Supportive Modality

- anxiety, depression, melancholy, emotional lability

- cPTSD, trauma (Article -

- stress sensitivity

- adrenal fatigue

- exhaustion, fatigue syndromes

- skin conditions


- Supports improved regulation of inflammation in the body (study -

- post-cancer recovery (convalescence)

Hyperflexibility conditions


- Marfans

- Autonomic Activation syndromes

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At the clinic, we treat the individual, not the disease. Sessions are tailored to person attending. Each session is different for this reason.  We care about our clients and seek to develop an ongoing healing relationship. 

No claims are made in the presentation of this information or the outcomes of this treatment. These sessions do not replace medical care. We value an interactive and complementary relationship with your medical and complimentary team, and work well with chiropractors, osteopaths, physios and speech therapists. 

Sessions with Monica

Monica has been working holistically and compassionately with people for over 25 years. Book a Free15 consultation to see if this work can help you to be your best self, naturally.

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