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Naturopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, exercise, happiness
Naturopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, exercise, happiness
Naturopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, exercise, happiness
Naturopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, exercise, happiness

Behavioural Naturopathy

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that emphasizes the use of natural remedies and therapies to support the body's own healing abilities. Naturopaths are trained in a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies focused on identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness, rather than just trying to stamp out symptoms. Naturopaths know that they symptoms are not the disease, they are the result of the body’s efforts to heal itself and show where the body’s efforts are blocked.

What is Behavioural Naturopathy

Behavioural Naturopathy is a new way of describing the intricate connections between our physiology, biochemistry, genetics, vital force, and their collective impact on the interplay between mind, body, and emotions. Our mental and emotional states significantly influence a chain reaction of neurochemistry and biochemistry that shapes our physical health daily, forming a continuous interaction.

Despite believing we have control over our actions and emotions, is this truly the case? Consider the notion that our moment-to-moment feelings stem from a complex interplay of of these biological elements. If so, would our choices and behaviours be easier to understand? 

Imagine a scenario where all these factors were more harmoniously aligned instead of discordant. Would life become more manageable, healing and healthier choices much easier? Certainly.

Addressing the body's biochemical complexity contributes to fostering a healthier and more supportive physical, mental, and emotional experience. Integrating this aspect into managing health issues, or embarking on a journey to wellness may vastly enhance the overall experience and outcomes.

Some of the key principles of this unique approach to Naturopathy involves recognising that:

  • The body is wise, and knows how to heal itself. When we tune into the body’s innate wisdom, a great deal of information is available to us that can help bring clarity to health challenges, emotions, thoughts, experiences, behaviours, and the decisions we make as a result of them.

  • Our biography becomes our biology. Past issues are stored in the body and can disrupt the fine balance between health and dysfunction. Working somatically through the areas of the body showing strain can allow us to access the healing needed there, releasing stored memories and tension to restore energy flow, and consequently healing.

  • The mind and body are interconnected, changes in one can influence the other in profound ways. It is hard to heal one aspect without the other.

  • Often the best thing we can do to support ourselves is get out of the way. When we stop doing things things that deplete us, and start doing things that nourish, the vital force can restore itself and healing can move forward unobstructed.

  • Incorporate a holistic view of what you are experiencing to bring greater awareness and choice to the process of daily living, allowing you to make changes to the things you are doing in a way that brings greater regulation to health, in a way that brings improved energy, increased resilience, resources and restores well-being.

  • Get on your own side. Often our internal dialogue is so horrible that of course we feel lousy. We tend to speak to ourselves in ways we would never use with other people. Being kind to ourselves is an essential step in healing, but few of us learnt this growing up. It is something we need to choose above all things, kindness in word and deed when it comes to ourselves. This life is such a gift, our bodies are nothing short of amazing, and our cells are always listening and responding to our thoughts. What are your cells responding to on a daily basis?

  • What we eat, drink, think, say and do impacts our physiology and biochemistry, and vice versa.


Behavioural Naturopathy can be used successfully alongside other modalities, such as psychology, trauma work, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, medical care, spinal flow, FSM, and more. It can be particularly helpful for individuals who are seeking a holistic approach to their health care, to create a whole being evolution that may not be accomplished by traditional methods.


Maroochydore, Queensland


Maroochydore, Queensland

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