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Healthier By Choice, Thrive in Life

Helping you to

recover, reconnect, heal

and feel inspired, naturally.


Holistic, personal, connected, empowering sessions,

based on integrated, foundational Natural Therapies.

Working closely with you, we address health two ways: the physical and emotional/energetic. Both spaces are deeply affected by your mental states and your perspectives of the world. Consequently we dig deep on these aspects which can allow for profound and long term positive changes to your health, your life and engagement with the world. 

Your body is the record keeper, we help your body create a better story.

Body Correction

Body Correction

With a special interest in nervous system function, holistic neurology, mental health and the effects of stress and trauma on the body. We use diverse tools to explore the causes of physiological dysfunction, enabling us to address obstacles to lasting health. Discover more about physical pain and functional health support with us.

Soul Connection

Inner Connection

Connecting with your inner wisdom guides you through life, simplifying decisions, actions, and daily routines. Our focus is on reactivating and inspiring your body's inner connections to better harmonise your energy systems. Step into life's flow by exploring emotional and spiritual healing with us.

Online Sessions
Naturopathic, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Health Counselling

Sessions are available by video or phone call to suit your schedule, wherever you are Australia Wide.

For health advocacy, recovery and wellness support.

Available - Australia-wide via Telehealth.

In-person Sessions

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), Biological Resonance Therapies,

Axiatonal Activation, Reconnective Healing, Somatic Insight
Maroochydore Queensland


Monica Williams

Naturopath, Health Counsellor, Guide, Healer

Monica brings a wealth of experience to her role as a senior Naturopath with over 25 years in clinical practice. Her primary goal is to provide you with customized Wellness Sessions that empower you to take a more empowered approach to your healing journey.

Monica's sessions reach beyond mere symptom management, delving deep into the root causes of illness. With a specialized focus on holistic neurology and a keen understanding of how trauma and stress can deeply impact the body and impair health, Monica's sessions are investigative, educational, and inspiring.

Health challenges can be daunting, leaving individuals feeling trapped in a cycle of pain or a downward spiral of declining health. Monica's approach acts as a bridge, connecting the best of mainstream medicine, integrative health care, and holistic healing practices, her sessions bring a holistic approach that takes into account the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—offering a supportive process to guide you on your healing journey.

Whether you're seeking relief from chronic ailments, want to recovery from surgery or injuries faster, prevent chronic disease, or optimize your mental health and physical well-being, Monica's expertise and personal approach can be a valuable resource on your path to achieving and maintaining a state of holistic wellness.

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Cosmos, Energetic Universe

We each live in an energetic universe that we uniquely experience as reflection of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.



As the work that Monica does are among the many non-licensed healing arts, we can’t make any promises or guarantees.


The body heals itself, our intention is to support the body's resources to do so naturally.

This work does not involve any diagnoses, is not treating specific health challenges and is not to be substituted for regular medical care.


There is no guarantee either expressed or implied of any particular outcome from this or any future session.


You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment & care at your own discression.

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