Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) is a gentle therapy originating from Germany, whereby the body’s own energy wave patterns and signatures are used to restore the body’s optimal energy state. It is a safe and gentle therapy that can be used with people of all ages. Treatment on a bioresonance machine assists the body’s ‘self-regulation’ processes, the innate ability to repair, regenerate, restore and heal itself. Disruption to this innate ability is what drives illness and health problems.


Bioresonance is best known for helping the body to manage underlying factors that can contribute to both clinical and sub-clinical health issues.

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DISCLAIMER : We do not diagnose nor treat 'disease', rather we offer education and a personal relationship in support of people as they move through their own life journey. The body self-heals when supported with the optimal conditions. No-one else can heal us, only we can. We seek to support our clients in this process of self-alignment.; identifying obstacles to  the body's innate self healing process, while supporting it with what is needed. We make no claims, medical or otherwise, and we are not a substitute for medical care. 

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